Moments Matter
......for the Love of Jerry-atrics!

In Memory


R.I.P. Sy Lettman

Jacksonville facilities lost a Great Performer this past year. 

Seymour Lettman, known to most of us as Sy, will be GREATLY missed by so many people.  Over the years my residents have really enjoyed his performances.  He always interacted so well with everyone; residents, staff and visitors.  He enjoyed performing a variety of Karaoke style songs by Elvis, Sinatra and other well known artists.  Anytime he saw me coming down the hall he would wink or nod and his next song was for me – of course it was always an Elvis song because he knew that I am an avid Elvis fan.  One time one of my residents teased him and asked, “why do you always play Jerry Lynn a song?”  He of course commented into the microphone with a wink and that quirky smile that we all knew and loved, “she is the one that pays me”!  That of course got a lot of laughter from everyone including me.  He encouraged those who could dance to do so, including staff.  He always remembered the residents’ names and what individuals wanted to hear. Sy brought so much joy to our senior population and those of use who work with them that we could never say enough to express how saddened we are by this loss. He brought quality and enjoyment to those who sometimes have very little of either.


So lets please say a prayer for his family and loved ones and remember the wonderful times with Sy!

Love & Laughter, Jerry Lynn